Dear Sir or Madam

We are four students from Mapua School who have a keen interest in sharing our design and ideas  about the future playground at the wharf.

We are writing to you because we think that your design of a ship wreck playground is like many of the other playgrounds in the Abel Tasman. Our team have researched and studied playgrounds for a few months and inquired about children’s opinions and ideas about what makes a good playground.

We found that playgrounds need to include most of the things below
Promote social skills, independence, risk taking but also safety, knowing what you can and can’t do, motor skills and strength activities, cooperation, creativity, environmentally friendly and imaginative and most importantly for having fun.

Our school playground is colourful but it also tells you what you have to do. The wobbly plank allows you to wobble it. The slide allows sliding down but it isn’t high enough to be a bit scary and it is slow.A small climbing wall doesn’t offer any variety in the route you climb up. What we want for example, is a hill you can run up it, roll down it, run down it, cardboard sliding, cartwheel, flipping, sitting and enjoying the sun making daisy chains. We want height to challenge our fear of it. We want eco -friendly playing equipment for most of the playground. We wanted strength activities like a knotted rope. We want a spinning bucket to give us fun and to teach us about balance. We want risk taking jumps off one of the three platforms and landing safely onto a strong cargo net. We want a spider web to offer another way up rather than telling us to use the ladder. We want the steep and fast slide to conquer our fears and to make a change the slow and painful slide at our school and a giant hamster wheel to encourage us to get fit and use coordination. Half tyre’s dug into the ground for a great hiding spots, hurdles and a simple but fun eco-friendly piece of equipment in the playground.There are also two tyre swings, a few trees, tight rope with side ropes to hold onto, crows nest with the current flag and a hill with long grass at the bottom of one of the sides but of course you cant have every thing you want!

If you have been to the airport and if you’ve been to the little playground out the back there are blue mats that are drilled into the ground for a softer landing these are placed under and around the high platforms and flying fox in the playground.

We have come to the conclusion that this model should be used for the older primary aged play ground out of the three that could be going to be built at the wharf.

Please remember that we will do lots of fundraising for this to happen, also please take some time to take a good look at the pictures of our model.

Rose Stephenson (yr 6),Elise Evans (yr 5), Eleanor Dean(yr 5)and Ella Pratt (yr 6).
Mapua School 2015DSC02966


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