Watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I looked at the screen and was interested in what was coming next. My face burned with excitement. I huddled in my blanket. Thinking, “Well I guess climbing up a mountain paid off.” I looked around at everyone’s faces. Everyones face was full of  happiness and laughter. I was a bit annoyed saying in my mind “shhh! This is a good movie.” I was happy and exhausted from the mountain walk. My legs burning still. Lost in my thoughts I jumped when Harry fell backwards. I was scared from the yellow eyes of Sirus Black (who can transform into a wolf ). I was happy that after climbing up a mountain we got a treat of sitting down relaxing and warming  up after the cold walk. As my friends and other people laughed to the best and magical wizards saying,  “you are not dead dude, its just a scratch!”  Then Whaea said “okay dinners ready,” and that was the end to an amazing story.DSC02489 DSC02490 DSC02491


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