DSCN3397 DSCN3400 DSCN3401 DSCN3403 DSCN3404 DSCN3409We were suddenly covered by beechwood trees when we started the honey due walk.  Finally we were in the shade.  It wasn’t long until we came to a sign saying where the invisible fence is to try and say keep the pests out.  ”This is interesting,” I said. We carried on and on. I felt like I didn’t  know anything.

Then someone shouted, ”Look there’s a trap.” We all looked and saw a trap in the thick lime bushes. So we went through the bushes and we watched as Tracy showed us how it worked.  Then there was a sudden ”SNAP!” Everyone including me jumped like a petrified cat.

Then  we walked on.  While we were walking we heard some wonderful bird sounds especially fantails. It was so nice to be outside!!  We were asked to taste-test bug poo! It felt like I was in WONDERLAND!!!

By Elise and Finn


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