Water Fall, Whiskey Falls

DSC02476 DSC02474 IMGA0306 IMGA0308We were  walking down to the boat happily. Then we thought “I wonder what the water will taste like. Will it be fresh or salty?” We were looking at the slimy eels and the ducks and some people were skimming rocks. Some people came down to see the eels . And then we were off in the boat. As we went we could fell the cold breeze on our faces. When we got there we started to walk up then we saw and heard a robin singing. When we got to the top Hamish told us we could have a drink of the water from the waterfall. It was cold and refreshing. As we drunk the water we could hear the crushing water from the water fall. We were coming back. Hamish let us drive the boat. We jumped  waves, we did sharp turns and Hamish did bagles in the boat. We went so fast I was scared like people are scared of spiders. Then we went back. And we got of the boat and said “THANKS HAMISH!”

By Sarah and Jayden


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