Pedal Your Heart Out!!

It was day one of camp Lake Rotoiti. We had just begun mountain biking and it was rocky and bumpy. Our wheels were crunching on the gravel. Our legs were going around and around feeling energized. Some people felt excited. We started on one side of the long road. When I thought “Is this going to get harder?” We were surrounded by lush green trees. Then we crossed the road to a place that looked liked Africa. Some people were energized and ready for action while others were hot, tired and exhausted but not giving up. We all were pushing and pedalling, overlapping and chatting. “This is bumpy.” said someone. “Oh no. Not that mini river!” someone¬† replied. “Great! now my socks are wet!” There were wasps, bees, tree roots and puddles everywhere .We heard birds songs all the time while we biked. By the time we all got back to camp we all had numb legs and bums.

By Zander and EleanorDSC02364 DSC02368 DSC02375 DSC02378 DSC02379 DSC02383


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