One Drizzly Day at Camp!

DSC02482 DSC02481 DSC02479 DSC02484 DSC02486 DSC02488The air was freezing, drab and foggy on the 3rd day of camp as we trudged up Mt Robert. Huddling together and chatting to keep our minds off the intense, numbing cold. Tramping through bush and up a never-ending winding path. Looking at all the scenery (or some scenery.) We played guessing games such as countries starting with a,b, and c. “Are we there yet?” We asked. “Only two more hours”. The adults replied.

A wave of relief passed over us as we saw the first hut, only to be extinguished as we realised that it was just a shed! On we went, sighing all the way. I saw this sign that said ” Kea Hut, FOR SKIERS ONLY.” So I thought; why isn’t it called Skier hut?

We finally reached Bushline Hut. Our first impressions of the hut were quite poor. When I first looked at it I thought it was a toilet block, but I was almost cheering when I realized that there was a hut behind it. Inside we ate our lunch, which was bread rolls and coleslaw(leftovers from last night.) On the far wall were some bunk beds and we got to play on those for a bit, and we also got to play outside. One of the students apparently squished a bumblebee, so we had a funeral for it. Then we took a photo of ourselves and set off back down the mountain.

The path seemed to dissapear into the eternal whiteness which was meant to be a view. As we trudged back down the steep cliffs, gravel crunching under many feet, Noah, Oliver and Rose started to think of parodys( songs that are like a particular song, but with all the words changed.) This passed the time well and i was actually quite sad when we reached the carpark.

Here are a few songs that we made up!

Twisted Nursery Rhymes

Mary had a little lamb, her father shot it dead. Now it goes to school each day, between two hunks of bread.

5 little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log, watching some most interesting bugs(glub glub) One ate the other one, it was so much fun, now there are 4 green speckled frogs(yum yum)

Continues until you get to one…  1 little speckled frog, sat on a speckled log, watching some most interesting bugs(glub glub,) he ate himself… from inside to out, now there are no green speckled frogs(yum yum.)

By Noah and Paulina.


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