Oh the bugs we can see…

We grabbed a net and headed off to the stream to see if the it was healthy.

I only captured one little bug and everyone was intrigued about it. Some people found some black, slimy eels like Maia and Zander did.The stream was quite healthy as it was shady, clear and wet ( of cause ).

When I went under the cobblestone bridge there was a ledge. I slipped off and freezing cold water filled my gumboot. Under the bridge the water was very deep and cold like ice cubes around your feet. Everyone was concentrating and wondering what all the bugs and wildlife were. Zander captured a BABY eel ( which ( sadly ) died after a while ).

The bank was loaded with trees and greenery. There weren’t many water bugs but I saw some land animals like ducks and mosquitos. We captured a bee as well.The stream its self was about five meters across. It was quite murky and slimy in the stream. The rocks were slippery cause of the algae. The rocks were smooth as well. One side of the stream was a big forested place and on the side we were on there was a big grassy area. The streams rushing water sounded like a tap pouring water into a sink.

By Oliver and Maia

IMGA0321 DSC02455 DSC02453 DSC02452


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