Looking for letter ‘H’.

DSC02451 DSC02450 DSC02473We grabbed our scorecard and orienteering map and rushed of to ‘H’ down by the lake.When we got there all there was were trees, bushes and grass. We rotated our map and found a generator. Then we ran around it until we saw a orange and white square tied by green cotton string to a pipe down the side of the generator. It said ‘H’ in the middle and ‘RA’ in the corner. We wrote in down on the score card and turned around to see Rose and Ella racing fast from J to L. Then we sprinted across the field to ‘J’ which was on the back of the toilet block. Oliver shouted me the letters then we rushed over to where the steam study was done.There we found one tied to a tree stump. After that we jogged over the mini bridge. Our pace started to slow the suns hot rays were beating down on us. Sweat trickling down our bright red faces. We could hear every breath. Suddenly we saw our competition racing across the car park to ‘K’. We took after them. Our pumping legs moving like a whirl wind running at the speed of a car racing down the speed way, “We must get the final letters I thought.”

By Rose and Liam


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