Lake Rotoiti Wharf Jumps

When the hills met the lake the people jumped one after another off the wharf. There were splashes and screaming and people being convinced to jump. There was posing while jumping and it looked like that there was a miniature forest when you looked into the lake. The boat was going in and out biskiting. The quacking of ducks was getting annoying. We were looking at eels near the shallows. The Trout were swimming between the reeds looking for food in the shadows and escaping from us. The concrete was slimy on the boat ramp”I can’t do this. I just can’t make it up!” people said while trying to climb up but slipping and sliding along the way.

By Byron and Marli

DSC02388 DSC02393 WP_20150224_023 WP_20150224_005


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