Aim. Shoot. FIRE!

On the third day of camp we did archery,football and fishing but we are going to tell you about archery. Some people nearly hit the target but some people were not even close! Some people got lucky and hit the target 1,2 and three times but we got none! A lot of people practiced their aiming skills. Some had never done archery before so they were really excited and uncertain about hitting the target for the first time ever. Some of us were whipping the target with arrows. Most of the class had the chance of hitting the target with precision. Gripping the string of the bow, looking at the target that’s dead ahead of the aiming arrow just in front of you.

DSC02504 DSC02497 DSC02503 DSC02495 DSC02501 DSC02500 DSC02494 DSC02493

By Nikita and Brooklyn


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