Is it a Log or a Taniwha?

“Theres a Taniwha in my river, people say its a log but I know its a Taniwha”

Room 9 read a book called TANIWHA BY Robyn Kahukiwa, it is about a boy who lives by a river and knows that there’s a taniwha living there. We decided to make our own guardians (kaitiakitanga) to watch over us for the year. This is how we made them…

1. Draw taniwha in light pencil.

2. Color it in with pastel ( or other item ).

3. Cut taniwha out with 2cm gap.

4. Trace cut taniwha onto another piece of paper.

5. Lunch Break.

6. Cut out tracing.

7. Staple the taniwha and the tracing together leaving a gap to stuff it.

8.  Stuff the taniwha with OLD newspapers ( don’t use the one that dads reading ).

9. Use glitter around the 2cm rim.

10. Wait for glue to dry.

11. You are finished.  🙂

DSCN3322 DSCN3323 DSCN3319 DSCN3320 DSCN3331 DSCN3329 DSCN3330 DSCN3325 DSCN3321


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